Water Meter Location

It has come to our attention that many property owners do not know how to find there water meter.

The importance of knowing your water meter location will save you money.

Numerous times over the years we have attended properties and the water meter is covered by a raised garden bed, woodchips and/or access is limited due to plant growth. Considerable time can be lost by plumbers trying to locate and access an obstructed meter.

Having your water meter safely accessible will save you money.

Knowing the location of the water meter can also help to protect against damage to your property in the event of a burst pipe and potentially prevent unnecessary damage to your belongings.

Click here to find your water meter location

Now that you have located it online, verify the location physically and ensure it meets the access requirements set out by the water corporation below (Picture 1).

If the online map incorrectly shows the water meter location, you should call the water corporation on 13 13 85 and they will be more than happy to assist you. Further information on water corporation access requirements can also be found here.


Please note – not all dwellings have a water meter eg if you live in a unit there may be one main meter and isolation points for your unit within the building. Seek advice from your building manager on its location or other residents as it is just as vital to know its location in the event of a burst pipe or plumber attending.