How to Unblock a Drain Before Calling The Pros

How to unblock your drain before calling the pros - Easy DIY recipes

Unblocking a clogged drain is always a headache, especially when some of your day to day items such as cooking oil, food scraps, hair, and soap scum are some of the common causes of a blocked drain.

To help keep your drains clean and your water running smoothly, here are some simple DIY techniques to try before calling the pros that will not only unblock your drains but help prevent future blockage.

Do keep in mind that every home is different, and the solutions listed below might not work for you. We recommend contacting the pros before conducting any sort of plumbing work or if you are unsure. As a reminder, any sort of heavy DIY plumbing work conducted without a license is illegal in WA. 

Easy to make DIY cleaner

DIY cleaners are extremely easy to make and consist of common household goods including bicarb soda and white vinegar. Simply pour the bicarb soda down the drain, followed by the white vinegar and cover the drain to prevent the mixture from bubbling out.

You will most likely need to repeat this process a few times to get rid of any stubborn blockages entirely. Finish off the process by flushing your pipes out with hot water to remove any remaining residue.

As a preventative measure, you can carry out this procedure regularly to help keep your drain clean and smelling fresh.

Chemical cleaner

We don’t recommend using a caustic chemical is they can be quite harmful to the environment and your pipes. However, if you must, use it sparingly.

We suggest using an environmentally friendly chemical cleaner such as a bio enzymatic drain cleaner, which has been proven to be highly effective at preventing grease blockages.

Elbow grease and a plunger

A classic method of removing blockages is the trusty plunger. Before you start plunging away, ensure that all overflow spouts are covered before you begin as this will force the air or water down the drain and into the clog instead of escaping through the overflow.

A plunger is great for loosening any blockages in your pipes but is not very effective against grease build-ups. We recommend using it in conjunction with a DIY cleaner.

Drain snake / Drain Auger

A drain snake is perfect for small to light clogs that are usually caused by hair, bits of soap, and food scraps, not so much grease. You can purchase a drain snake from your local hardware store.

It is important to note when using a drain snake, that you don’t inadvertently damage the drain you are attempting to unblock.

Dismantle the U-Bend

Before attempting to dismantle your U-Bend, we recommend trying all of the above first, that way you’ll loosen or breakdown whatever is causing the blockage. Before dismantling, place a bucket under the drain to catch any water or waste, and then proceed to unscrew the two connections and unblock the U-shaped pipe using a bottlebrush.

If you do not feel confident in dismantling the U-Bend pipe, we suggest contacting a licensed plumber.

Bring in the big guns

At Gillies Group, we are always happy to assist our clients, both residential and commercial, with clearing blocked drains, leak detection, fixing leaking taps and toilets, or any other plumbing issues. We understand that different clients have different budgets and needs which is taken into consideration at all times. We pride ourselves on being reliable, punctual, honest and standby all our work. Don’t get blocked by your plumbing, contact Gillies Group today.