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Christmas Plumbing in Perth

T’is the season: get your plumbing ready for Christmas 3

Christmas is a time of celebration, good food and spending quality time with friends and family.

It can require days of preparation as you decorate the house in Christmas lights and trees, stuff the turkey and devil some eggs.

But when was the last time you prepared your plumbing? It’s not something we all consider or give a moment of thought to, despite it taking the hardest hit.

Visiting guests and family means more toilet flushes, kitchen waste and a whole lot more water usage, and this is on top of your own daily usage.

For a plumbing system that is barely stable to begin with, is enough to tip it over the edge.

And this is why we receive an influx of calls every holiday season for simple issues that could have been avoided.

In this article, we are going to show you some simple steps you can take to help minimise the risk of a plumbing disaster, so you don’t have to worry about your toilet overflowing.


1. Prepare the kitchen

Clear the pipes

One of the leading culprits of a plumbing disaster are blocked drains and it isn’t until there is a massive influx of food debris and water usage, that the kitchen sink finally decides to stop working. If you notice water pooling in your kitchen sink or slow-flowing drainage, this is a clear indication to call a plumber.

Don’t forget a sink strainer

More cooking and more dishes mean more food debris. Ensure you have scraped off all the scraps into the bin and use a sink strainer to prevent any food from being washed down the kitchen sink. Avoid pouring any grease, oil or fats down the sink as these will quickly solidify and increase the chances of a blockage.

2. In the bathroom

Supply a bin

Make sure every bathroom and toilet has its own bin so guests can dispose of sanitary items discreetly. This will prevent any unwanted objects from being flushed down the toilet and causing blockages.

Limit showers

If you have family or guests staying over, make sure there’s at least 10 minutes gap between each shower to allow your hot water system to refill. This provides your drains with an opportunity to clear and it also means no one is stuck with a cold a shower.

For a more Waterwise approach, ensure all showers are no longer than 4 minutes.

Get a plunger

The trusty old plunger can be the difference in clearing a blocked kitchen sink and watching it overflow, or worse, a blocked toilet. Keep a plunger handy in case of any blockages and make sure to take care of your drains before all the festivities begin.

3. In the laundry

If you’re someone who has the whole extended family from overseas come to stay over, the chances of your washing machine being overloaded is high. We suggest getting a licensed plumber to inspect your washing machine for any signs of wear and tear, such as leaks, bulging pipes, loose connections or cracks.

What seems like a harmless at first can escalate quickly with increased loads, resulting in water damage, burst pipes and in worst cases flooding.


Although you have taken all the necessary steps to ensure you avoid a plumber disaster, you can never be too sure. It’s a good idea to keep your emergency plumber’s number on speed dial in the event of a crisis which is, of course, Gillies Goup Plumbing 9204 4407.

If you’re worried about a small water leak or suspect you may have a blocked drain, contact  Gillies Group today and avoid the dramas and the costs of an emergency call-out plumber. If you’re unsure about what to look for, here are some tell-tale signs you have a leaking pipe.