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How to pick up water and energy efficient appliances bathroom 2

Attempting to understand what your plumber is trying to tell you is like trying to understand German for the first time. When it comes to revamping your bathroom or any part of your house that requires plumbing work it pays to be able to speak the same language as your plumber.

When the time comes to discuss your fixtures and taps, showerheads or piping, you’ll have no trouble communicating exactly what you want.

Above counter basin
Basins that sit on top of the vanity or floating benchtops.

Basin Overflow
A drainage point placed atop the basin to prevent overflow.

1-Tap Hole Basin
A basin allowing for a single tap fixture suitable for mixers.

3- Tap Hole Basin
A basin allowing placement of multiple (3) taps and tapware.

Black Water
Dirty water from a toilet and requires purification.

P Traps / Bottle Traps
Exposed wastes that sit underneath basins.

Ceramic Disc
A device that allows you to effectively control the flow of water and its temperature when you turn on your tap. There is less wear and tear on a ceramic disc compared to a rubber washer and it provides a watertight seal eliminating drips and leaks, helping you save on water.

A tank for storing water, especially one as part of a flushing toilet

Closed Couple Toilet
A close coupled toilet is a type of toilet where the cistern itself is mounted directly on top of the toilet bowl, so that the toilet is one complete unit. You don’t see any pipes connecting the cistern to the bowl at all, as they are all concealed within the toilet

Copper pipes
Pipes made from copper are highly resistant to corrosion, can carry both hot and cold water, and is commonly used to replace galvanised steel pipes.

A diverter is used to direct the flow of water either to the bathtub spout or to the showerhead.

Fitting or Fit Off
This is the stage were your taps, shower heads, ,toilets and fixtures are installed and commissioned for operation

A device used for receiving water and/or waste matter that directs these substances into a sanitary drainage system. This can include toilets, sinks, bathtubs and shower receptors.
Freestanding Bath
A standalone bath which sits directly on the bathroom floor without adjacent support.

Galvanised steel pipes
Steel pipes covered with a layer of zinc and typically found in older homes.

Grey Water
The water from a basin, shower, bath, dishwasher or washing machine that is deemed fit for disposal or reuse in the garden after being filtered.

Hand Shower
A flexible shower head hose that can be used as an overhead drencher or detached and used as a handheld.

Inset Basin
A basin that is installed into a vanity benchtop with the rim just above the benchline.

Inset Bath
Inset bath or referred to as a built-in bath, are installed flush against a wall and are usually found in smaller bathrooms or those who lack space.

Island Bath
Sits on a tiled island without any of the flange of the bath sides adjoining to a wall.

Link Suite Toilet
The link toilet suite features a separate pan and cistern linked by a pipe that can be exposed or concealed by a plastic “link piece

Mixer Tap
mixer tap has a cartridge inside to control water flow and is controlled by a single lever for both hot and cold-water adjustment.

Overhead Shower
A showerhead mounted to an arm that allows for a vertical rain-like showering experience.

PEX Pipes
Crosslinked polyethylene is a newer form of plastic piping that is extremely resistant to most common piping issues, including leaks, corrosion and rust. Can be very expensive.

Pop-Up Drain
A drain for bathroom basins with an adjustable cap that can be lifted to allow water through or lowered to seal the drain and fill the basin.

PVC Pipes
Polyvinyl chloride is a form of plastic piping that is widely used in Australian homes and is often used to bring cold water into the home and sprinkler systems. Very cheap compared to other piping materials but does not handle extreme heat well.

Quarter/Half Turn Taps
Taps that use opposing ceramic discs as the sealing mechanics and has two separate handles that control the flow and turn no more than a quarter to half turn, depending on the type.

Replacing existing product with a new product without having to dramatically modify the existing layout.

Rough In
Plumbing waste and water pipes are concealed in the walls and floor of the bathroom.

Toilet Pan
The part of the toilet you sit on. They come in three common arrangements:

S-Trap, P-trap and Skew trap.
S-trap pans are the most common. The simplest way to identify an S-trap is
that the waste pipe connects to the floor.

P-trap pans are easily identified as the horizontal waste pipe connects into the wall.

Skew trap pans are an older style toilet pan with the waste pipe extending to either the right or left-hand side of the toilet.

Traditional (conventional taps)
Taps that utilise a washer as sealing mechanism against

Traps are used to prevent toxic smells entering the bathroom from the sewer. Traps work by creating a water block in an ‘S’ bend and preventing gas from passing.

Under Counter Basin
A basin installed on the underside of the benchtop.

Wall Basin
A basin installed to a wall without a vanity.

Wall Hung Toilet
A toilet that is hung from the wall with the cistern installed in a wall cavity and all of the plumbing hidden in the wall cavity.