Embracing diversity and vitality, the City of Subiaco has a unique blend of old and new that celebrates history with modern appeal. This also means an outdated drainage system with old plumbing and pipes needing to be replaced.

Whether you’re in a residential home or commercial premises, our plumbers can quickly intervene in Subiaco and fix the plumbing and gas issue you are struggling with. We are free to your door and only send fully equipped vans, so no money and time is wasted.


Are you at your wits end with your plumbing and can’t find a trustworthy plumber in Subiaco? We have the solution.

Don’t settle for an unreliable plumbing company who’s most likely going to rock up late, leave a mess and worst of all, hit you with some hidden costs.

At Gillies Group, we stand by our work and with a 100% guarantee, we’ll have your plumbing up and running faster than you can flush. Whether it is for residential or commercial, we’ll provide you with a plumbing & gas solution tailored to your budget and needs. Our vans come fully stocked with the latest tools and technology that help us get the job done in record time without any mess. You can rest assured that you will come back to your home exactly the way you left it.

We are free to your door and we quote all our work upfront so you can forget about any hidden costs. It’s time to put the plunger away and get back to your day. Contact Gillies Group today.