Burst / Leaking Pipes

Water Leaks?

Burst Pipe PerthWater leaks at plumbing pipes and fixtures will waste precious water and can damage building structures if left unattended. Regularly checking your plumbing pipes, taps, toilets and plumbing fixtures can save you water and money.

Gillies Group uses the latest technology to quickly and efficiently locate hard to find water leaks. We locate water leaks on cold and hot water pipes, regardless if you can visually see them or not. We are so confident in our abilities to locate your plumbing pipe water leaks that we offer a fixed price to locate them* and if we don’t locate your leak, there is no charge to you*.

That’s satisfaction guaranteed at its best, so give Gillies Group a call today on (08) 9204 4407.

Once we have located the leak we can also fix it while on site. We will also assist you in the completion of the Water Corporation leak allowance form if applicable.

Give our team a call on (08) 9204 4407 to arrange for us to find your water leak.

How do you know your plumbing pipes are leaking?

There are a few Indicators that you have a water leak:

Inside the home

  • Sound of running water or dripping water
  • Warm spots in walls
  • Damp patches on the wall
  • Mould on the wall / ceiling

Outside the home

  • Your lawn/garden is healthier in one spot
  • The leak detection dial on your water meter is spinning but no taps, showers, toilets, washing machine or appliances are being used
  • Garden reticulation sprinklers are weeping water


  • Your Water bill is excessively high

Feel free to give our team a call on (08) 9204 4407 to help find your water leak.

How can I confirm I have a plumbing water leak?

One of the best ways to confirm you have a plumbing water leak is by conducting your own leak detection test. First, establish that there are no taps, appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, evaporative air conditioner to name a few), or reticulation being used.

Secondly, note the water meter reading of your property (a photo is one of the simplest ways to record it).

Thirdly, note if the dial is visually moving. If not take another reading after 15 minutes.

Finally, if the red numbers have moved, it is possible that you have a water leak and further investigation is required. so feel free to give us call on (08) 9204 4407 to arrange one of our experienced and friendly team members to attend to your water leak.

Remember, water leaks don’t just occur on your plumbing pipes. We also have helpful pages on “Why is my tap leaking?” and “Why is my toilet leaking?”

Gillies Group is a team that works for you, to solve your plumbing problems. Call us now (08) 9204 4407.